Grandad Jim's Traditional Sweet Shoppe

37 Chapel Brow Leyland 5-7 Cleveland Street Chorley 

Stepping inside a Grandad Jim's Traditional Sweet Shoppe is like stepping back in time to the days of good customer service and shops with character.
Each Grandad Jim's features local history items in the form of pictures, postcards and local antiques .

About us:

Grandad Jim's first store opened in Leyland in 2012. Since then the shop has built a fantastic reputation and huge customer base. The shop based at Chapel Brow  was an instant success and as the shops popularity continued to grow ,  in June 2016 the second of the Grandad Jim's Traditional Sweet Shoppes was opened in Chorley town centre. The new store has had an overwhelming  response ! We hope you visit one of our stores soon , but in the meantime please browse through this site for a little more of  what you can look forward to when you come and see us for a trip down memory lane.  

Grandad Jim's in the news:

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